Corporate Parenthood Charter

Encouraging parenthood in companies means supporting fathers and mothers in achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance: i.e. better living for better working and better working for better living.

Showing consideration for employees’ parental status represents a clear step towards ensuring the professional equality of men and women.

It also promotes a working environment in which employees who have children can find it easier to reconcile their professional and family lives.

By signing this charter, our Company proclaims its willingness to implement concrete actions aimed at promoting parenthood.

In accordance with this Charter, our Company hereby agrees:

To bring about change in attitudes to parenthood within the company

  • By making Human Resource officers and all other managers aware of the importance of taking the issue of parenthood into consideration
  • By informing all members of staff of our commitment

To create an environment that is favourable to working parents, especially expectant mothers

  • By providing them with the means to balance their professional and personal lives
  • By offering flexible working conditions to expectant mothers

To respect a principle of non-discrimination in the professional development of employees with children

  • By preventing and eliminating any practices discriminating against employees with children from our Human Resource processes
  • By encouraging management practices and behaviour that further the professional development of employees with children